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Its the writers block for me

Trying to find time to write, looking for inspiration to write and feeling confident in what I am writing enough to share; are mountains I knew I would face when starting this blog. But I did it anyway. I was never the most diligent student, a procrastinators muse really. In school if an assignment is due on Friday, I won’t even read the requirements until Wednesday evening at the earliest. This is not behavior I am proud of, it's just the way I’ve always been. But like so many things about myself I wish to change; I realize this is not the best way to be about writing, not for me at least. If I want my words and thoughts to be taken seriously by others, I need to first take it seriously for myself. I have a new goal of posting once a week at minimum to my blog. A write a lot of nonsense and at this point in my life I have nothing to lose sharing it with my friends, so you can all see how ridiculous my thoughts are too. So here is a poem I have been working on in my head all week,

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